When times are tough, reaching out to your church family can smooth the edges of disappointment and heartbreak. We grow stronger as a community when we lean on each other for support . . . and celebrate each other’s joys. This is a place where you can share your ups and your downs. Just leave your name (optional), email (mandatory but it will not show) and your prayer request so that others can start praying for you. You can remain anonymous if you choose. Either way, know that somebody is praying with you and for you!


1 thought on “Prayer

  1. Please pray for John, Lord to heal him from depression, severe anxiety, inner wounds, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, hatred against everyone in this world, revenge, and every evil binding of sin, communication and behavioral problems, addiction to cigaret, alcohol, drugs, worldly attractions, media, and lust. Lord, please wash him in Your precious blood, fill him with Holy spirit, Give him a job, peace, happiness, joy, gratefulness, gentleness and God-fearing friends wherever he goes. Prepare a God-fearing faithful Catholic girl and family for him and let him get married in Your time. Bless his next 7 Generations, Make his every relation as it should be. Thank you, Lord, for every gift you have given for him in this world. I ask this in Jesus’s name Amen

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