“How does giving connect to my relationship with God”

We are saved by God’s grace, as a free gift accepted by faith. Living into that salvation includes learning how to use the gifts that God gives us so that our whole life is shaped and formed around our relationship with God, so that God can use our gifts as a part of his work of salvation in the world.

“How much should I give?”


That’s between you and God. While we never tell anyone how much to give, we lift up the Biblical pattern of tithing giving the first 10% of our income to God as a practical discipline for spiritual growth (Malachi 3:6-10). Some people begin with a smaller percentage and grow into the tithe. Those who are already giving ten percent often feel God calling them to give beyond their tithe as their faith and discipleship continue to grow. Everyone is challenged to “take the next step” in their giving.

“Should the tithe be based on my gross income or my net income after taxes?”

Again, everyone must seek God’s direction in their giving decisions. Traditional interpretations indicate the Biblical tithe represents the “first fruits” of our income. By giving before the costs of housing, transportation, taxes, and other expenses, we honor the principle that God owns everything anyway and we can joyfully trust God to allow us to live fully on the other 90%.

“When I give to St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, where does my money go?”

We fulfill the mission of St. Paul’s through these basic channels: 
The Operating Ministry Fund underwrites the ministries, operation and support of our local congregation, including staff salaries; ministries serving children, youth, and adults; worship; missions; evangelism; building repairs; and insurance. The Operating Ministry Fund also includes our share in the global ministries of The United Methodist Church.

If so designated, your gifts will be applied toward reducing the outstanding mortgage on the church building.

“Who sees my giving information?”

Information on pledges and giving are a sacred trust that are held in confidence in the Church Financial Treasurer’s office with periodic reports to the Pastors.

“How do I give to St. Paul’s United Methodist Church?”

We provide multiple ways for you to give. On Sundays, you may place a check or cash in envelopes found in chair backs in the sanctuary. As part of our worship services, we receive these gifts by passing an offering basket. You may also donate online.

You may also give online by clicking wherever you see our Donate Button throughout this website


For more information on any of these ways to give, contact:

Beth Caster, Church Financial Treasurer

You should always consult with your own tax advisor as to the tax deductibility of gifts in your particular situation.

St. Paul’s Church was founded in 1951 and is a wonderful church located in the Cielo Vista area of El Paso, Texas near Ft. Bliss. We welcome all and have 3 services each Sunday along with many other opportunities for worship, fellowship and support.

Your recurring pledge or offering
will help St. Paul’s Church fulfill it’s mission …

Love God, Follow Jesus, Serve Others.


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